Pakistan's new conspiracy, this time handing over the responsibility of attacking India to local thugs


Bangla Hunt Desk: India's security agencies as well as intelligence agencies have come up with an instinct for crime committed by Pakistan. It is to be noted that due to the vigilance of the Indian Army and intelligence agencies, the ISI and its militant groups have repeatedly failed to attack India. With this in mind, this time the ISI and their militant groups are handing over the responsibility of the attack to the local gangsters.

Recently, intelligence agencies in Chandigarh have warned the rest of the security agencies and intelligence agencies about the alliance and local connections between militants and miscreants. The intelligence wing has warned other intelligence agencies about the names of some gangsters. The ISI and militant groups are in contact with these gangsters and are responsible for attacking them in India. Many of the gangsters on the list are fugitives and many are in jail.

A senior government official claimed that the ISI had established links with these local gangsters. In an alert issued a few days ago, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) said that the ISI and other militant groups had assigned five gangsters to target a number of leaders in the country. Currently, two of the five fugitives and the other three are lodged in various jails in Punjab.

There are heaps of allegations against those five gangsters. He is accused of robbery, drug trafficking, running a criminal empire from prison and, worst of all, multiple murders. Local police have been asked to keep a close eye on such misdeeds. An official said the main reason for giving responsibility to the gangsters was that the ISI's waist was broken. Now Slipper Cell doesn't want to work for them. And his main reason is that the number of militant deaths at the hands of the army at the N counter has increased.

There is also no top commander to control the local sleeper cell. Local gangsters can easily gather material and attack, which is why militants are responsible for attacking gangsters.

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