Pakistan's railway minister has threatened India with a nuclear attack, saying there would be no harm to Indian Muslims

Bangla Hunt Desk: Pakistan's Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad, who has always been in the headlines because of his statement, threatened to use an atomic bomb against India. Sheikh Rashid said that Pakistan has an atomic bomb and that bomb will reach Assam. Not only that, Rashid also said that the atomic bomb would not harm Indian Muslims.

Sheikh Rashid said that if a war situation was created between India and Pakistan, it would be a bloody and last war. Pakistan's railway minister said if India attacked Pakistan, there would be no need for talks. Imran Khan's minister said, “Our tool can save the lives of Muslims and reach the target as far as Assam.”

Although this is not the first threat of Sheikh Rashi. He has come up in the headlines with such contradictory statements many times before. He had earlier threatened nuclear war without naming India. Sheikh Rashid said, this war will no longer be a war of arms, this time it will be a direct nuclear war. For four or six days now, tanks and cannons will not be fired, there will be a direct nuclear attack.

Rashid said Pakistan has 100 to 250 grams of atomic bombs. Which is capable of penetrating any target. The video of Pakistan's railway minister also went viral on social media. He made himself a laughing stock with such contradictory statements.