Pandit Nehru was called ‘Hitler’s disciple’, this famous lyricist was sent to jail for 2 years


पंडित नेहरू को कहा था

Angered by a poem, Pandit Nehru had sent Majrooh to jail.

New Delhi: As soon as the Congress government was formed in Karnataka on May 20, a teacher of a government school was suspended because he Chief Minister Siddaramaiah And had commented criticizing the free election promises of the Congress. But this criticism did not go down well with the new chief minister and the state government issued an order suspending the teacher on the very day he was sworn in. this situation only Karnataka Not only in India, but also in many other states of the country, where the government and the people in office are not able to digest their criticism and cases are being registered against them immediately.

The process of action against the criticism of democratically elected leaders is not new. It started only when India became independent and was engaged in the struggle to advance itself in the youth of independence. Then the command of the country was in the hands of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, but even after independence, there was a trend of speaking against the power and saying it in his own style.

Amidst the celebration of independence, there were many people who wanted the government to listen to the public and the freedom of the pen should remain. Meanwhile, famous poet Majrooh Sultanpuri recited an explosive song in a meeting of mill workers, which was directly said about the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. By then the poet Majrooh had become a great personality of the country.

Sung a song in front of mill workers, reached jail

Before the independence of the country, a song written by him was resonating everywhere. After several attempts by famous filmmaker AR Kardar, Majrooh wrote songs for his film Shahjahan (1946), which soon became popular across the country. In the voice of KL Sehgal, ‘Jab dil hi toot gaya hum ji ke kya karenge’ reached everyone’s lips. In this film, Mohammad Rafi started his singing career by singing in the chorus from ‘Mere Sapno Ki Rani’. Then he had written songs for many films.

In Bombay in the year 1949, Majrooh spoke harshly about Nehru and Khadi through his poetry, which did not go down well with the top leaders of that time, they became very angry with it. Morarji Desai used to be a big leader of Bombay Presidency then and then he was the Home Minister of the state.

Morarji Desai put the poet and lyricist in Arthur Road Jail for this song and asked him to apologize for the song, which he refused. As a result, Majrooh Sultanpuri had to spend 2 years in jail for a song. The poem for which he had to spend 2 years in jail, here is the poem…

Majrooh Poetry

That poem of Majrooh Sultanpuri

Majrooh remained on Nehru’s target even in 1962

It is a different coincidence, the death anniversary of famous poet Majrooh Sultanpuri falls on 24th May, while Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s death anniversary is today on 27th May.

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Pandit Nehru once again appeared against the leftist leaders including Majrooh when the war between India and China started in 1962. Majrooh then went underground, but in the meantime a mushaira was organized in Nagpada, Mumbai, in which he reached to attend, but after several attempts, he was caught again.

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