Panic spread across Pakistan due to the advertisement of a biscuit! It is necessary to issue a ban

Bangla Hunt Desk: The advertisement of a biscuit in Pakistan has become the center of controversy nowadays. The ad was first shown on a TV channel on October 4. This time the Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority banned the advertisement. Pakistani actress Mehbish Hayat acted in the advertisement. Many are in favor of banning this advertisement. Again, many are opposed to the ban.

Pakistani social activists say the ad contains evidence of obscenity. People all over the country are scared because of this advertisement. Note that this ad is like an item number in Bollywood. Mehbish, a costume actress from four parts of Pakistan, has been seen dancing. There are also a few men in this ad.

The advertisement shows a rifle in the hand of an associate. The Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority has issued guidelines to the TV channels. It states that pornographic and offensive content should not be shown. And just a day later, the ban on advertising was issued.

Prominent Pakistani journalist Ansar Abbasi called the ad Mujra. “This ad is not for Pakistani society,” he tweeted in Urdu. A few days ago, he protested against showing women in a fitness program on Pakistan's state-run TV channel.

Imran Khan's minister Ali Mohammad Khan supported journalist Abbasi. He also tagged Prime Minister Imran Khan in a tweet. In that tweet, he said that the Prime Minister opposes such anti-Islamic acts. It will hurt our society and our youth.