Panth insulted the umpire on the field for wasting time, gave a stern warning to the umpire


Bangla Hunt Desk: Finishing the match within the stipulated time has become one of the most difficult tasks for the IPL organizers this time. Franchise captains have been repeatedly penalized for slow over rates. Chennai captain Dhoni also had to pay a huge fine of Rs 12 lakh. So at the beginning of the IPL, Delhi captain Rishabh Panth practically cleared his way.

Rishabh Pantha pointed his finger at the umpire for wasting time. The umpire wasted no time in telling him directly but you spent a minute.

Delhi Capitals and Rajasthan Royals faced off in a crucial IPL match yesterday. And this is what happened in this match. Rishabh Panth is always seen in the field full of excitement. Whether it is an international match or IPL, Panth always stands behind the wicket and is in a different mood. Rishabh Panth continues to use a variety of language to keep the team’s cricketers strong from constantly annoying the opposing batsmen. Stamp mic can be heard from time to time. So this time the umpire wasted time, so Panth said directly that you are also wasting time.

The incident started when the field umpire suddenly had a long talk with Delhi bowler Ravichandran Ashwin during the Rajasthan match. Panth, who could no longer control himself, went straight to the umpire and said, “But you have wasted a minute.”