Passenger bus was saved for a while, viral video on social media


viral video: The words ‘Rakhe Hari Mare Ke?’ means that if death is not written, it is not possible in any way. One such video has recently gone viral on the net. Where a whole passenger bus was saved from certain death for a short time

The current era is the era of smart phones Each of us has more or less smart phones in our hands Thanks to this smart phone, the world has come into our hands with the help of social media at the moment. Thousands of videos go viral on social media every day Just as this viral video makes us think, it also gives us a journey of unadulterated joy.

But sometimes such videos go viral on Netpara which makes us really scared One such video has recently gone viral in the net world. The viral video shows a green passenger bus. The bus is trying to cross a very narrow hilly road.

But on that hilly road, the bus landed in a situation where both the front and back were equally frightening. The whole bus could have sunk into a ditch for a single hair mistake In this situation, the bus driver decided to go ahead He did not lose his nerve even though one of the wheels of the bus was hanging in the air Somehow the bus is safe

The video has gone viral since it was posted on social media. Residents of Net Para have made various comments after watching this video One wrote that in this situation the driver had nothing to do but put his foot on the accelerator. Watch this viral video