Payal tries to kill Kritika in the guise of a game! Armaan taught a lesson


Armaan Malik Video: खेल की आड़ में पायल ने की कृतिका की जान लेने की कोशिश! अरमान ने सिखाया सबक

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Armaan Malik Video: youtuber Armaan Malik Every day he is present with new content for his fans. Mostly Armaan is seen making videos with both his wives and children. Armaan’s fans love to watch the fight between his wives Payal and Kritika. The Malik family makes most of its videos on the fight between Payal and Kritika.

Meanwhile, once again a fight has been seen between Payal Malik and Kritika Malik. Actually, Armaan ties bandages on the eyes of both his wives. After which both are given a pillow each. In this game, one has to hit each other with pillows without looking. The one who kills the maximum number of people wins the game. Armaan has now kept this game between his two wives.

As soon as Armaan starts the game between the two wives, Payal immediately picks up the hammer in her hand. As soon as Armaan sees this, he pulls Kritika backwards. After which Payal is seen attacking with full enthusiasm. At the same time, Kritika is surprised to see this. To teach Payal a lesson, Armaan takes Kritika’s pillow and hits Payal on her face. After which Payal falls on the ground.

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Let me tell you, Armaan often makes these funny videos with his wives. He shoots videos with new ideas everyday. At the same time, Payal and Kritika also openly participate in such videos. Both keep shooting videos of both funny and quarrels together. Not only this, Armaan Malik as well as all his family members have a YouTube page. On which everyone keeps sharing new videos.

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