Peacock, lotus theme in the new parliament building – Take a look at 10 amazing facts about the temple of democracy


BanglaHunt Desk: After overcoming all the legal complications, Prime Minister Narendra Modi completed the ground worship and foundation stone laying ceremony of the new parliament building. The construction of this new parliament building will be completed by 2022 at a cost of about Tk 961 crore. Besides, by 2024, one office room of 40-40 square meters will be allotted for all MPs. At the same time, this new parliament building will provide livelihood to many people.

10 new features of this newly decorated parliament building-

There is no central hall

The new parliament building will not have a central hall. The parliament building is being renovated with some changes from the previous design. Where the Lok Sabha will have a place to hold a joint session of 1282 seats.

Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha themes

The themes of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha are also being done separately. The theme of the Lok Sabha is the national bird peacock and the theme of the Rajya Sabha is the national flower Padma.

The number of Lok Sabha seats will be increased

The previous Lok Sabha had a seating capacity of 552 MPs. However, at present the number of seats in the Lok Sabha will be increased by 3 times as compared to the previous one, so that even if the number of MPs increases later, there will be no problem.

The number of Rajya Sabha seats will also be increased

The number of Rajya Sabha seats in the new parliament building will be increased to 364. Earlier there were 245. The number of seats is being increased so that there is no problem for the members to sit.

There will be a touch of modernity

After 75 years of independence, this newly constructed parliament building in 2022 will have various modern standard facilities.

Protect from earthquakes

The new parliament building is being constructed in such a way that no natural calamities, such as earthquakes, can damage the parliament building in any way.

Eco-friendly touches

This new parliament building will be constructed as eco friendly. About 30 percent electricity can be saved, rain water collection, solar power generation, comfortable seating arrangements will be here.

There are special facilities for journalists

The new parliament building has special facilities for journalists. Special arrangements will be made for 530 seats.

The number of houses will also be more

The number of committees in this new parliament building is also much higher. There will also be an audio-visual system to facilitate the work.

Crowd seats

This new parliament building will also have seats for the people. There will also be special arrangements for children, the elderly and the disabled. There will also be fire safety measures.