Peasant Movement: Peasants will besiege Mukesh Ambani's house in Mumbai today


Banglahunt Desk: The farmers 'organization, led by the National Farmers' Organization, has planned to surround the house of Mumbai-based industrialist Mukesh Ambani on Tuesday. At the same time, the farmers will inform their problems and request the corporate body not to interfere in their affairs. It is learned that this program is due to the discussion with Mukesh Ambani on this issue.

The farmers will request Mukesh Ambani

According to sources, the president of the National Kisan Mazdoor Sangstha said the blockade was carried out under the leadership of his Mumbai-based colleague Raju Shetty. VM Singh said the new agricultural bill is not in favor of farmers. So the farmers will request Mukesh Ambani not to involve the corporate body in this movement.

Farmers are against agricultural laws

VM Singh further said that the government should not stop the farmers' program in the middle. At the same time, they will request Mukesh Ambani to persuade the government to repeal the law. Because the farmers are not happy at all and this law is against the farmers.

The farmers' organization has also warned the government

VM Singh did not stop there, warning the government not to get bogged down in this peaceful movement of farmers. Farmers are participating in this movement by crossing 4-400 km. If they are not allowed to carry out this movement in a peaceful manner, troubles like Gazipur will start wherever the farmers are stopped. The peasants will start agitating there.