People and dogs are feeding on stomach irritation, milk dumped in the streets


BanglaHunt Desk: The last day of a drawn-out 28-day lockdown was supposed to be a thud. Because in some other states including West Bengal, the period of Loudoun has been extended till April 1. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has said that the lockdown will continue but it is 'humane'. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also arranged relief for the people of the country. The poor will get free rations and the rest are tied to the market schedule.
But this is India. Every day, millions of people sleep on their stomachs or empty stomachs. Here is a lush green slum adjacent to the lush residential area. With thousands of farmers committing suicide every year, the unemployed youth also chooses the path to suicide, in this long lockdown, what is the situation?

Shiharan awakening has begun to rise to the headlines of the news. Workers are committing suicide as work is gone; These images are also placed next to the image of middle-class, high-middle class breaking the market. Again, such a scenario was seen by the people of the country. Humans and dogs are sharing the milk that is spread on the street. The incident is in Ramgarh Chowra of Agra. A person's milk tank goes upside down. On a vacant street, a stroller is carrying a bag of milk in a container in a container. Not far from the milk, the milk is not frowned upon by some dogs who are busy cheating.

The scene has spread on social media. Many eyes have come to see the water. But that's hard real. On the one hand, middle-aged men wearing masks are bargaining on the market, but on the other hand, there is no milk for the child. This is a 20 day situation. In the future, the winner of the lockdown may or may not be Corona. But where will these people live or what exactly? This video highlights the question.

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