People are being imprisoned, the world is being cleansed


BanglaHunt Desk: Due to Corona, a large part of the world is virtually incarcerated. Pictures circulating on various social media sites suggest that nature is laughing openly as people are being held hostage. According to the usual rules of nature, dolphins, like wild deer, are shy.
In India too, lockdowns have resulted in people being detained because of virtually no vehicle being seen on the road, and pollution has been reduced. India's wind has been clear enough to survey.

Weather maps generated by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) supercomputers showed that pollution in India was significantly lower this year compared to the same period last year.

Blue is the lower end of the scale when Particulate Matter (PM) is lower, and the higher it is – the red it becomes. Last year, compared to the red on March 30, 2019 in India, this year the sky looks mostly blue. Even from the ground the sky looks quite blue.

A few days ago, the image of Mumbai's clear blue sky went viral on social media. Which clearly proves that the city of pollution is cutting down its coral consumption. Besides, the level of a.q.i in the capital city of Delhi has dropped significantly.

The city of Delhi is the first in the world in air pollution. There, the volume of a.q.i has dropped below 38, which is very comfortable. Lockdown has reduced the record rate of nitrogen oxide in Delhi's air. Safar's data revealed that Delhi's overall AQI score on March 25 was 3.

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