People are not coming to Rahul Gandhi’s meeting, fatwa issued from the mosque to gather the crowd?


Banglahant Desk: Various viral videos about Congress leader Rahul Gandhi have been seen on social media. Even his various activities and speeches sometimes go viral on social media. Seeing this, the opposition did not hesitate to raise a storm of criticism against him. But this time, a video of people being hired at his meeting went viral on social media, centering on the noise in the political arena.

In recent days, a video has gone viral on social media. Where it can be seen, a cleric of the mosque has issued a fatwa instructing all Muslims to go to Rahul Gandhi’s meeting. Leaving all their work behind, a 13th February was instructing them to go to a certain place, i.e. Rahul Gandhi’s meeting.

The incident took place in Rajasthan. Maulana Samsuddin Qadri, the imam of the Sunni Jame Mosque in Makrana, issued a fatwa for all Muslims there, saying, “You will arrive at Rahul Gandhi’s meeting at Raj Public School on February 13 at 11 am.” Everyone should join the meeting before leaving all the work.

Apart from this, he also tried to spread poison in the minds of the people against the BJP government at the Center. He said, “The BJP government that is ruling at the center is keeping an eye on all the activities of the Muslims. What Muslims are eating, what they are doing – they are keeping a close eye on everything.