People reading M.A, M.Com are begging, the police have leaked sensational information


Bangla Hunt Desk: Unemployment is increasing day by day in the country. People are migrating from one state to another in search of work. In the meantime, news was published from Jaipur which surprised the whole country. Many educated people of the society are begging because they are unemployed.

As the population grows in the country, the number of unemployed is crossing the border day by day. In the present day the number of people has become more than the work of the country. The government is failing to fulfill its promise of employment.

Begging has to be chosen due to lack of work

Recently, the Jaipur police has released such information, which has surprised many. The number of beggars on the way to Rajasthan is not less. A little survey has shown that most of these beggars are educated people. Some have passed MA, some have done less M.A. But due to lack of employment, they have chosen the path of begging on the streets.

Being alone in the world somehow makes the day go by

According to the survey, Pawan, a 34-year-old resident of Gobindgarh in Rajasthan, used to work in a factory. But as it was closed, he was begging on the 200-foot bypass on Ajmer Road. Being unmarried, sometimes if someone finds a job, he works, otherwise begging is his job.

On the other hand, 36-year-old Mukesh MA, a resident of Dundlod in Jhunjhunu district, studied till now and now earns his living by begging at a small chopper in Nahargarh police station area of ​​Jaipur city due to lack of work. Somehow his days were cut short as he was alone in the world.

Jaipur police stood by

Jaipur police can find out more by conducting surveys in different places, there are many people like Jagdish Gupta, Ramesh and Shailesh, who despite being educated in higher education, beg for money due to lack of work. Of the 1,172 beggars across the city, 419 said they would stop begging if they found work.

Jaipur Additional Commissioner of Police Ajay Pal Lamba said, “Our police team is talking to various beggars in different parts of Rajasthan.” Those who want to study or work will be officially helped.

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