Pepe and goat in Tanzania do not be positive! The president has spoken out against China for sending bad kits

Bengali Hunt Desk: Coronavirus has also been found in goats and papayas after testing with a china kit in Tanzania, an East African country affected by the global pandemic coronavirus. President John Magufuli said after the forgotten results came to light that China's kit was not correct and should be investigated.

President Magufuli

Samples of goats and papas were sent after the tests, but where the tests were sent, it was not said that the samples were of goats and papas. When the sample report came out, there was a commotion all around. The president said he had instructed the Tanzanian army to test the quality of the kit. He said corona infections were found in fruit and goat samples.

He said that after checking through this forgotten kit, it was understood that some people's reports were positive but they were not positive at all. “I have said before that China's help should not be accepted,” he said. He said that this time these kits in China need to be tested.

Note that Tanzania is not the only one with whom China has cheated. China has cheated in the same way as the rest of the world. Earlier, China had also sent PPE kits to India, and a quarter of those kits failed the quality test. As of April 5, China had sent about 1.8 lakh PPE kits to India. Of which 50 thousand kits have failed the quality test.