Pet dog publicly stripped the woman! Crazy netpara laughing after watching the video


BanglaHunt Desk: That social media screen! Wherever you look, you see strange and unknown scenes. When the net people see that, sometimes it is a bright symbol of humanity, sometimes it is an eye-catching tree, then they laugh and eat it. That’s why when they have time or in between work, they turn to social media for a while. This hand-held smartphone has become one of the entertainment tools for people today. Which gives them a momentary relief. Netizens are also looking for all those comforting scenes on their mobile phones.

But recently, a video of another taste is going viral on social media. Which is shared on an Instagram page. Seeing that, the murdered net people laughed heartily. The video shows a woman lying on the beach. Which the other five people do. There is nothing funny here. But the real incident happened through a pet dog that was with him.

While the woman was lying on the beach in a bikini, her pet dog came and grabbed her by the ribbon instead of opening her bikini (Women Stripped). The woman could not stop the dog despite hundreds of attempts. In the end, not finding a way, he held the bikini with both hands. Sharing this video on social media makes it viral at the speed of a storm.

An Instagram page called TrollVichar shares this video. However, it was not limited to Instagram. In an instant, it also spread on YouTube. Many people have even shared this video.

Check out that funny episode –