Petition filed in the Supreme Court seeking থেকে 600 billion in compensation from China


BanglaHunt Desk: China will have to pay 600 billion in compensation. China has not done well to spread this terrible epidemic all over the world, including India. So this time they are forced to pay compensation. One person has filed a petition in the Supreme Court demanding this.

The country's economy is in turmoil due to the corona virus

The whole world is now dying of the corona virus (COVID-19) that originated in China. The destruction is starting from the culture of different countries to the economy. Different countries are also trying to get the tangled economy back to the right position. But on the other hand, fearing people's lives, it is not possible to completely relax the lockdown.

China is forced to pay লার 600 billion in compensation

The virus was born from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. The Indian economy is suffering today due to this virus. Thousands of people have lost their lives to the deadly virus, so China will have to pay আর 600 billion in compensation this time, complained Madurai resident KK Ramesh.

China has used this tool to hit the Indian economy

The Madurai resident also said that China had created the deadly virus to retaliate against India. The discovery of the virus is intended to hurt India's culture, society and economy. That is why he has filed a petition in the Supreme Court against China seeking compensation.

The Corona virus has spread from Wuhan, China, according to the WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) said in a statement on Friday that the coronavirus had been infected in November last year in China's Wuhan Sea Food Market. Talking about conducting more detailed research on the subject, they also said that the corona virus actually originated from Wuhan, China.