Petrol, gas cylinders and onions were given as gifts to the couple at the wedding house, the video went viral.


The rise in commodity prices has had a major impact on the lives of ordinary people as the Corona has not recovered. The continuous rise in petrol, diesel and LPG prices has put a huge strain on the pockets of the people. Among them, a bride and groom in Tamil Nadu have received a fancy gift on the occasion of marriage.

In fact, seeing the rise in petrol and diesel prices, some relatives gave the groom a can of petrol, a gas cylinder and onions as gifts. A video has gone viral on social media, showing the groom at a wedding
A relative is giving the bride a gift of petrol, a relative a gas cylinder and another relative an onion.

The video has gone viral on social media. At the wedding ceremony, bouquets of flowers and cooking utensils are seen as gifts. However, this is the first time that petrol, gas cylinders and onions have been seen as gifts in some wedding ceremonies. The video shows gas cylinders and petrol cans with the bride and groom.

The video has been widely shared by people. The video has greatly affected the common man. Because at present the price of petrol and gas cylinders has gone up. So many people are looking at the incident of giving fancy gifts as criticism on the government.