Photographer's thoughts on the distressed Jahanbi, viral video


Banglahunt Desk: Jahnabi Kapoor is one of the Bollywood novelty actresses. He made his debut in Bollywood through the first film 'Dhadak'. Then, one by one, the photos were given to the fans. The cinematographers are also well aware of his acting skills.

Sara Ali Khan is one of the newest actresses, but the humble nature of Jahanabi Kapoor is unknown to anyone. He has won the hearts of fans and netizens many times by his gentle and gentle words. Paparazzi is also a big fan of his. Jahanbi recently introduced such gentleness. He was leaving a show recently and was on his way to his car. Paparatzio accompanied him. A photographer walks in front of Jahnabi to take pictures. But because of the extra cars on the road, the actress said, 'Take a picture of her while she is standing. Otherwise, an accident can occur if you do not look backwards.

In reply to Jahnabi's comment, the cameraman laughed, saying they had such a habit. Then the actress also said that they have become traditionally experienced in this regard. The posting of this video on social media has gone viral. Netizens also praised Jahnabi's behavior. Many say that she has received education like Mother Sridevi. He is as humble as he is.

Contextually, sometimes Jahanabi shares various videos and pictures. He shared a video of his dance practice some time ago. The video went viral on social media.

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