Photoshop Me Photo Kaise Banaye- Know Photo Kaise Banate Hain Absolutely

Photoshop Me Photo Kaise Banaye- Know Photo Kaise Banate Hain Absolutely

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We all use Photoshop to edit any photo but do you know that Photo Kaise Banate Hain and Photoshop Me Photo Edit Kaise Kare. Photoshop is specially made for Wedding and Photography Editing but nowadays Photoshop is being used for many things like making photos, making albums, making flex, making book covers etc. Let us know that we will give detailed information about Photoshop Me Photo Kaise Banaye and Laptop Me Photo Editing Kaise Kare. We have many users who are learning Photoshop and often ask us in the comments if Photo Kaise Banaya Jata Hai, then this post is very useful for them too.

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When it comes to editing photos on a computer or laptop, the first name is Adobe Photoshop because it is the most popular software in the world. It is also necessary to have correct knowledge of Photoshop Kya Hai and Photo Kaise Banaye. Today we are going to tell you about how to make a photo, in which we will not only tell you about Photoshop Me Photo Edit Kaise Kare, along with this we will also tell you about some selected Photo Banane Wala Apps so that you can sit at home. Can edit photos in your PC or Laptop. If you want to learn to make photos, then definitely read our post from beginning to end.

Photoshop Me Photo Kaise Banaye

First of all, let’s talk about Photo Kaise Banate Hain in Photoshop, there are many tools in it for this. Through which you can create Image Editing as well as Graphic Design and Digital Art. In which you can edit the photo in different ways according to you. Computer Me Photo Edit Kaise kare For this also you can use Photoshop software. Photo Kaise Banate Hain For this, you follow the steps given by us, through which you will learn how to make a photo in Photoshop. Let’s know that Photo Kaise Banaen first open Adobe Photoshop, after that to open the photo in Photoshop, tap on the file given above and click on Open. For how to make a photo, follow the tools given below. If you want to know that Photo Kaise Banta Hai then stay till the end of this article and learn how to make a good photo.

Change Lips Color- If you want to make the color of the lips pink, then first select the lips, for this you can use the Pen Tool or the Lasso Tool. After selecting the image from the Pen Tool, click on Image, then tap on Adjustments and click on Hue / Saturation. As soon as you click on it, a window will open in front of you, from here you can adjust the color accordingly.

Type Text On Photo- If you want to write something on your photo like- Name, Date in Passport Size photo then Text Tool is used. For this, select the Text Tool from the Tool Menu and select the Type of Text.

Decrease Nose Size- In Adobe Photoshop, you can make the photo attractive by shrinking the nose with the help of the Polygonal Lasso Tool, for this, first open the photo whose nose you want to make smaller.

After this, by tapping on the Lasso Tool from Menu Tools, select the Polygonal Lasso Tool, after that you can adjust it accordingly.

We have given above information about how to make a photo because learning to make a photo is not that easy.

Photo Background Kaise Change Kare

These days the craze of photo editing is going on on social media, everyone edits their photo background in different ways. Photo Kaise Banai Jaati Hai For this you will get many options in Photoshop. How to make photo from Photoshop For this you learn to make photo by following the steps given below. Let us know how to make a photo by changing the background-

Open Photo- Open the photo of which you want to change the background of the photo in Photoshop.

Select Pen Tool- After opening the photo, select the Pen Tool from the Tool menu or you can also open the Pen by pressing the Shortcut Key P on the keyboard.

Pen Tool- Now, as far as you want to select the photo from the Pen Tool, select it, select the photo completely.

Feather Radius Button- After selecting the photo, right click on Selection and click on Feather Radius Button and select your Radius, you can use 1 or 2 Feather according to your choice.

Set Background Photo- Now you copy that selected photo by pressing Ctrl + C, now you open the background of your choice and paste the copied background in it by doing Ctrl + V. Now you can place the photo anywhere in the background according to you and save the photo in JPG format.

Photoshop Me Passport Size Photo Kaise Banaye

You all know that passport size photo is asked for any online form, which is very easy to make. If you have a PC or Laptop, then with the help of Adobe Photoshop, you can easily make a passport size photo sitting at home, if you also want to learn how to make a passport size photo, then you can follow our steps given below:

Open Photo- First of all, open Adobe Photoshop and open the photo from the gallery for which you want to create Passport Size.

Crop Photo- After opening the photo, first crop the photo, for this click on Crop Tool from Menu Tools and set the Width, Height and Resolution given below.

  • Width – 1.5
  • Height – 2.0
  • Resolution – 200

Select Passport Size- Now select the area of ​​the photo you want to take for the passport size with the mouse and click on the right tick above.

Create Frame- After cropping the photo, press Ctrl + A (Select All) from the keyboard and make a frame by pressing Ctrl + T, after that click on Right Tick.

Give File Name- Now you have to save the photo, first select the photo by pressing Ctrl + A, then go to the Edit Menu and click on Define Pattern and give the file name and click on Ok Button.

Set Size- Now open the new file by clicking on File and set Height, Width and Resolution or you can also set the size according to you, after setting click on Ok.

  • Height – 800
  • Width – 1200
  • Resolution – 200

Save Photo- After this, click on Edit Menu and then click on Fill, now your photo is ready, now with the help of Mouse Pointer, move it to Left / Right or Thieves and clean it well and save it or you can save it if needed. Its printout or photo can be made.

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