Physical condition of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson deteriorated, admitted to ICU ward

Bangla Hunt Desk: The coronation of Corona British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has worsened. He was later admitted to the ICU ward of the hospital on Monday night. There are still signs of corona virus in the body of the Prime Minister. He was sent to the hospital on Sunday for a test. The day before, Boris Johnson had symptoms of the Corona virus.

A Downing Street spokeswoman said Sunday that the 3-year-old Johnson still has signs of coronary disease. She was admitted to the hospital on doctor's advice. The spokesperson said, “The Prime Minister was admitted to the hospital on Monday night at the doctor's suggestion.” This is a precautionary measure, as the Prime Minister has detected symptoms of the virus within 7 days after he has been infected with Corona.

“The Prime Minister praised them for the work of the NHS staff, and advised people to stay indoors,” he said. He applied to follow the government's advice and save his life. ” Johnson told social media on Friday that he was diagnosed with quarantine for several more days.

The seven-day quarantine was supposed to end on Friday after news of the infection surfaced last week, but a spokeswoman said the prime minister is still having a fever and there is a sign of the corona virus. For this, he has to stay in solitary confinement for several more days. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has wished the good health of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The Prime Minister tweeted, “Hopefully you will soon be discharged from the hospital and fully healed.”

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