Physically incapacitated, yet the youth involved in the celebration of democracy with a strong mind! Viral is the picture


Bangla Hunt Desk: Voting festivals are going on in five states including Bengal. Extreme excitement about voting around. Political parties like this have come down to the ground with their waists tied to win the hearts of the voters. Similarly, voters are standing in line to go to the polls in the morning to exercise their democratic rights.

The Election Commission, the administration, the central forces, the Prime Minister, the Chief Minister and every political party are encouraging voters to go to the polls and cast their votes. The Prime Minister and the Home Minister are urging the residents of five states to vote by tweeting every morning.

And a picture is going viral on social media during this voting festival, where a young voter is seen going to the polls and exercising his democratic rights. The main reason for the image to go viral is the physical disability of the young voter.

The young voter in the picture who is seen going to the polls to cast his vote has no hands. And he is putting the ink of the vote on his toes before voting.

The commission issued guidelines for special arrangements for the elderly, the infirm and the disabled. We have already shown the picture of the central forces taking the old voters to the polling stations as much as possible under the direction of the commission. The commission has also made arrangements for those who are completely unable to move to go to their homes and vote by postal ballot.

The photo, which recently went viral on social media, was shared by BJP leader BL Santosh on his Twitter account. He shared the photo on his Twitter account on April 7, the third day of West Bengal. However, the picture is not of West Bengal.

BL Santosh wrote in the caption while sharing the picture, ‘Festival of Democracy. Alathur Kerala. ” This picture of her is going viral on social media. And the praise of that young man is all around.