Pictures of a puppy with one eye, two tongues and a noseless dog on viral social media


BanglaHunt Desk: In the world of internet, various types of videos, pictures are viral (viral photo) every moment. Videos and pictures of all kinds of strange animals are also shared on social media in the midst of human activities. Which touches the minds of netizens and goes viral.

Recently, a picture of a newborn puppy (PUPPY) went viral on social media. That puppy has one eye, no nose, but two tongues. This strange puppy was born on February 8 in the province of Aklan in the Philippines. The pet dog of a woman named Amy de Martin is a puppy.

Amy de Martin said her pet dog gave birth to two cubs. While the first baby is healthy normal, the second one is kind of weird. Breathing problems occur from birth. Even if the mother is sad, the newborn puppy has a problem. Then Amy de Martin fed the puppy to the puppy.

They named the puppy Cyclops. But despite trying, they could not save Cyclops. Cyclops had trouble breathing because he did not have a nose. Doctors said the mother dog must have eaten some poisonous food during her pregnancy. Due to the influence of which the second child was born in such a strange way.

The puppy has been preserved without being buried. It is also learned that various tests will be done later.