Pictures of huge ‘ecofriendly’ Ganesha across the land; Thank you for watching the viral video


BanglaHunt Desk, Viral Video: How many videos go viral every day across the country. Some young men in their twenties in Maharashtra have made a picture of a huge ganesh. Which is not eco-friendly at all. Netizens are happy to see this huge picture in the viral video.

Today is Ganesh Chaturthi. Other times across Maharashtra, there is a festive mood on this day, but due to the Corona situation, this year's celebration has come to a standstill. In most places, the response is very limited. In the Corona situation, some young men from Maharashtra stunned Netdunia by making a picture of a huge Ganesha 200 feet long and 100 feet wide. “We want to spread joy through our creations,” said Tandley, one of the artists in the art world.

Tandle and his friends have created green images of Ganesha using natural ingredients like grass, oats and wheat plants. Lime powder has been used as the white color and red sand has been used as the brown color material. It cost Rs 25,000 to make the film. It took 45 days.

The team of farmers and industry enthusiasts spent about 25 25,000 to create the masterpiece from their own pockets, Tandel said. Although most of the people who shared videos or photos of his creation did not mention his name, the young artist was happy that it was a joy for everyone during such an experimental time. Check out the viral video

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