Pigeons were sold for 14 crore 15 lakh rupees! Learn what's special about it

A pigeon costs 14 crores! Surely you are surprised to hear? But there is nothing to be surprised about. A Belgian racing pigeon was sold at auction for ১৯ 1.9 million. In Indian currency which stands at more than 14 crore 15 lakhs.

The name of this 2 year old female pigeon is New Kim. Initially, the pigeon was priced at only ৭ 236 at auction. But a Chinese man bought the pigeon for লাখ 1.9 million. According to Reuters, the owner and his family could not believe that the pigeons were sold at such a high price.

Pigeons cost 14 crores:

Earlier this record was held by a male pigeon named Armando. The price was 14 million dollars. This racing pigeon was also called Louis Hamilton of Pigeons. After retiring from racing in 2019, he was sold. On the other hand, New Kim has also won several big races in 2019. He is currently retired.

It is known that the pigeon race has become very popular in China in the last few years. Like Armando, the two Chinese were fighting for New Kim. They were trying to buy the pigeon by ace each other. Racing pigeons can give birth to pups up to 10 years of age. Perhaps New Kim will also be used for breeding. However, in this case the demand for male pigeons is higher However, this female pigeon named New Kim has been sold at the same price as all the pigeons.