Pink flamingo bird takes on Mumbai beach by chance of lockdown


BanglaHunt Desk: The coronavirus has become the third largest tribe in the world. The lockdown is going on all over the country. And while people are being held captive in their homes, some animal birds are taking advantage of that opportunity. Millions of turtles on the seashore of Puri, again on the streets of Nepal Gondar walk, suddenly seen leopard in Chandigarh. Recently, a swarming pink flamingo was spotted on the navel beach in Mumbai.

This video was made by a person named Sunil Agarwal. According to him, sea water rises a lot in the full-blown Kotal. And this extra water attracts the Flamingo and everyone wants this place to be 'Flamingo Century'. Animals tell birds how much they are oppressed by humans. So when people are not traveling, how are they going to look like themselves?

The Bengali name for the flamingo bird is Kanthauki. Which means firewood. It is named for its special pink feather. Throat is narrow, narrow long lips but lower. The small neck is long and curved. At certain times of the year, all of them have pink shades throughout their body. They love to live in groups by the sea. Each team can have more than one hundred flamingos.

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