Pink hair pink lipstick just like ‘Barbie Doll’, the new look of the hot viral Sunny Leone

BanglaHunt Desk: Sunny Leone has returned to India earlier this month after spending six consecutive months at home in Los Angeles. And that's when his 'shoot life' began. Sunny recently shared a photo of a new music video shoot.

Sunny Leone has shared two pictures of her look in the upcoming music video for the fans on social media. She has appeared in a completely pink incarnation. The actress has painted pink wigs, lipsticks and jackets in pink. This look of Sunny has gone quite viral.

Earlier, Sunny caught the 'Red Hot' look. Red shorts DraySo, red gloves, red hat on his head, it was his responsibility to look at Sunny. Sunny shared a bunch of pictures with this look. Those pictures also went viral on social media screens.

Incidentally, Sunny left India in the middle of the lockdown and moved to Los Angeles. There, in her own bungalow, her husband Daniel, three sons and daughters Nisha, Ashar and Noah were actresses. Tuktak has enjoyed the days spent with his family in the gap of work. And with that, the fans have also shared pictures, videos.

Sunny has had a great time with her family in Los Angeles. Sunny once shared a picture with her husband Daniel in the swimming pool. He bought a new car and informed himself on social media. Sunny flew to Los Angeles on a chartered plane in the midst of the lockdown. There he spent the whole lockdown with Daniel's family.