‘Piya tu ab to aja’ Two old women dancing wildly in the open street; Violent viral video

BanglaHunt Desk, Viral Video: How many videos go viral every day? Some of those viral videos are shocking to watch. Recently, two old women went viral dancing to Asha Bhonsle's popular song. Netdunia could not take its eyes off the viral video.

This 15-second clip was shared from an account called eePeechetodekho. The viral video shows two women dancing to Asha Bhonsle's popular song in the open street.

One person joins the dance for a while but then has to give up. Let the two old women prove again that the body grows old according to the laws of nature, the age of the mind grows according to its own rules. If you want, you can spend your whole life with a child-like heart.

The viral video has already been watched by 30,000 netizens. Everyone has praised these two women. Everyone is admitting in one sentence that they will not be able to reach the energy level.

In another video, 72-year-old Bala Sharma went viral dancing to popular singer Diljit Dosanjh's G.O.A.T song. Although Bala Sharma is an Indian classical dancer, he has danced to the tune of this song.

Sharing the video, the singer of this song Diljit Dosanjh highly praised her dance. The video has already gone viral on social media. Netizens all applauded his dance.

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Ley Bai Mera Din Bann Geya Aj Da ?? BHANGRA Dekh Ke .. Khush Rehna v ek Kalaa Aa Har Bande Nu ni Aundi .. Ki Ley Jana Dunia Ton .. Ethey Hee shad jana .. BABA SAB NU KHUSH RAKHE ?? @ ravi.bala.sharma ?? Video Bheji – bhuvan.bam22 G.O.A.T. TRENDING WORLDWIDE ? P.S – Ethey Ronde Cherey Nahi Vekdey Hasan Di Aadat Paa Sajjna ?✊?

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