Plasma therapy did not work, one corona in Maharashtra died in the first trial


BanglaHunt Desk: In Maharashtra, the application of plasma therapy on a person infected with COVID-19 did not work. The person undergoing treatment lost his life in the first trial. This therapy was first applied in Delhi, after the fruit fair in Kerala. The test was performed on a man in Maharashtra, India's most corona-hit state, after a successful run. But on the night of April 29, before any fruit fair, a 50-year-old man with corona died at Lilavati Hospital in Maharashtra.

The whole world is now panicking because of the corona virus. Researchers are constantly trying to find a cure. However, doctors have already said that the disease can be treated with plasma therapy. Plasma therapy is the application of plasma from a corona-infected person's body to another corona-infected person after he has completely recovered. After the application of this therapy abroad, trials of this method were also introduced in India.

The procedure was introduced in Delhi after a patient with corona in the first trial in Kerala recovered. And after success in that too, a trial of this method was started on a person suffering from corona in Maharashtra. As Maharashtra has the highest number of corona cases in India, it was decided to do so there.

But despite seeing the light of hope, it vanished in an instant. The man from Maharashtra's first corona-infected plasma trial died. The 50-year-old coroner died on the night of April 29 at Lilavati Hospital in Maharashtra.

This plasma is one of the oldest medical procedures. This medical method was applied to terrible epidemics like SARS, Mars and Ebola. That is why this method is also being applied in some cases in the case of Corona. However, this method is not being treated everywhere. In those places where there is government approval, it is being implemented there.