Plasma therapy is also going to be done in India after America, the benefit of corona treatment can be found


BanglaHunt Desk: The Corona Virus (COVID-19) engulfs the entire globe, but experts have not yet discovered any antidote to the disease. That is why different countries are making different efforts. Due to the lack of proper medical treatment, doctors are trying different types. One of them is Plasma Therapy.

Regarding this plasma therapy, Dr. Jagtram, a famous doctor in Chandigarh said, “There is no proper treatment for this deadly virus. The antidote for the disease has not yet been made. Efforts are underway to make the antidote. That is why antibodies are being tested. At present, plasma therapy is also being done. So we are also thinking about applying this plasma therapy. The United States says malaria drug Hydroxy Chloroquine is affecting people with coronary disease who are still healthy. But these drugs are also given to the medical staff. ”

Regarding the hydroxy chloroquine drug, he said, “In some patients, the drug is very effective. The patient temporarily feels somewhat healthy. However, the drug is not being given without the consent of patients and physicians. But let's say, this drug should not be consumed directly by any ordinary person. This medicine should be taken only if a doctor advises a person to take this medicine. It is not okay to eat without the advice of doctors. Because these drugs have many side effects. '

Regarding the current situation in India, compared to other infected countries in the world, he said, “The good news to us is that the number of Corona attacks in India is still very low. No Corona positive person has been reported till now in Chandigarh, India. As a result, the rate of coronary infection is very low in this region. On the other hand, the number of Corona-positive people is still available in Punjab, Haryana. Because there is an infected person coming in contact with many people, people are becoming more agitated. For example, due to some people from the Tablighi community, the number of coronary cases in India has increased much more than ever. '

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