Plastic toys will be made in the country on the initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi


BanglaHunt Desk: To push China, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken initiative to make plastic toys or children's toys in the country. In order to implement this task, Prime Minister Modi has held an important meeting with various cabinets and senior officials of the country. At the same time, the export of these toys produced in the country is also discussed.

Domestic toys will be exported abroad

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's aim is to create a policy and environment within the country so that the people of the country can come forward on their own. In addition to making plastic toys, a bunch of structures can also be built. The toy, produced by domestic companies through the Self-Reliant India project, can be exported not only to domestic children, but also to children abroad.

Strong push on China's economy

India is poised to sever all ties with China, first in the wake of the epidemic of the corona virus and later in clashes with China on the border. Chinese products occupy a large part of the Indian market. The Indian government is slowly pushing that economy.

Imports from China will decrease

Prime Minister Modi has set out to build a self-reliant India by emphasizing on the production of domestic products as well as the boycott of Chinese products. About 80 per cent of India's toy market has to be imported from China. This time the Indian government is going to hit the lion's share of imports.

The youth society will also be included

Prime Minister Modi wants to involve the youth of the country in the project of making these indigenous plastic toys. New ideas will also be developed by inspiring new ideas in the youth society.

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