Play another big blow Beijing! Twenty-four smartphone makers are leaving China for India


Bangla Hunt Desk: The trade war with the United States and China, which has been accused of deliberately spreading the corona virus to the rest of the world, is another big blow. Twenty-four smartphone companies are preparing to leave China and set up production units in India. India's strategy is to get these companies out of China. Companies from Samsung Electronics to Apple have expressed interest in investing in India.

India is the second largest mobile manufacturer in the world. There are still 300 mobile manufacturing units operating across India. The central government made a big announcement in March for the electronics manufacturing sector. As a result, 24 mobile companies have expressed their desire to set up factories in India. According to the IT ministry, these companies will invest about ১১ 1.5 billion in India, about Rs 11,200 crore. Apart from Samsung, mobile companies like Foxconn, Briston and Pegatron are going to set up factories in India.

As India has benefited from the escalation of trade problems between China and the United States, so has Vietnam benefited from India. Companies that have left China are investing heavily in countries such as Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Thailand. This is according to a survey by Standard Chartered.

On the other hand, the Indian government may offer companies working in the automobile, textile and food processing sectors to set up manufacturing units in the country. According to sources, the government's goal is to attract more companies to India. Emphasis is being laid on improving the necessary infrastructure for this.