Police are the first to return the husband after being trapped in the second wife's house


BanglaHunt Desk: The Corona Virus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the world. People all over the world are in terror now. And in the midst of this panic, there was a danger. According to the contract, a young man from Bengaluru was caught in lockdown after approaching the wife of the second party. First-party wife sought police help to bring husband back home

A young man from Bengaluru was married for the second time, hiding the secrets of the world despite having a wife and a child. He used to stay in two houses. Suddenly one day the first wife found out about the second wife. And the fire burns in his arranged world. Husband complains to Bangalore police women helpline But the husband wants to stay with the two wives. Therefore, the first wife was forced to take up the case with her husband.

After the incident, the two wives and the young man's family all came to a conclusion that he had to take responsibility for the two families. Since he married the second time, keeping the secret of the first wife completely secret, no one can deny it. He has to run both worlds. And staying with two wives for a week is also okay.

According to the agreement, the young man went to stay with his wife for a week on March 27. But due to the lockdown situation in the country due to the corona virus, he could not return to his first wife after 7 days as per the agreement. After 5 days, the husband was called repeatedly because his husband did not return. But there were no benefits. The husband repeatedly said that he would return if he had the opportunity.

Then gradually the necessities of the house came to an end, when the first wife called at the police police helpline. The young man is not at the second wife's house when the police came under investigation. A friend in Vijayanagar The young man took shelter at home. The young man said that the police had to go to the house of the wife to supply all the necessary items.

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