Police arrest 7 people for breaking news of lockdown


Bangla Hunt Desk: During the lockdown due to the Corona virus in Greater Noida, 25 to 20 people came together to read Zuma prayers. The Uttar Pradesh police then went to the spot and arrested them. According to police, 20 to 20 Jummars gathered at the mosque to pray in Jalcha area of ​​Greater Nodar, Zarcha. Someone then called a police and reported the incident. Police then went there and arrested seven people.

According to a senior police official, a clause has been imposed in Gautam Buddhist city to prevent the spread of the virus. And according to this Article, no more than 5 people can be assembled in a single place. Police urged locals not to mobilize to stay at home. But still some people are gathering for some reason for lockdown and violation of Article 5.

A police spokesman said, “When the police arrived, there were 20 to 20 people preparing for prayers. They fled when they saw the police. The police then arrested seven people. And one of those seven was Maulana. ” The official said that cases were filed against the arrested persons in accordance with IPC Sections 525 and 20.

Earlier yesterday, a similar video from Murshidabad in West Bengal went viral on social media. Hundreds of people gathered at a mosque in the Barancha area of ​​Murshidabad to offer Jumma prayers. After the news of the incident, the police went to the mosque and sent Sujhee home to explain to the Muslims. And since Maulana was done micking, everyone should be praying at home.

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