Police celebrate the 70th birthday of a boy and a lonely woman trapped in America in a lockdown


Banglahant Desk: Once again, the countrymen saw the humane face of the police. On the birthday of an 80-year-old woman, she appeared in front of her house and sang. Hyderabad police celebrated her birthday.

Kutti Hadasa Paul, a resident of Sainipuri's Saipuri Colony, is a retired teacher. He was spending his 70th birthday alone due to lockdown. The boy lives in America. In this lockdown, he could not come to his mother. But even though he could not go by himself, he did not allow this special day of his mother to be lost. He called the deputy commissioner of police in Rachakonda and pleaded that he could not attend his mother's 70th birthday due to the lockdown. So the police should celebrate mother's birthday.
The Deputy Commissioner of Police has kept his word. On the woman's birthday, Naredmet police inspector Narasimha Swamy arrived in front of her house with fruit, a microphone and a firebox in hand. Standing in front of the woman's house, he sang, “Yeh aaye again and again.” In the words of Narasimha, “He is very happy to get such a surprise. Then we give her family and neighbors masks and sanitizers. ”
In an interview, Kutty Paul said, “My son and other family members greeted me on the phone. At first I couldn't believe it when Narasimha called me. But then I give my home address to say my son's name. Then I heard a loud siren in front of the house and went out to see everyone singing Happy Birthday. I was surprised to see that everyone was wearing a mask. I have seen such incidents in foreign countries. I didn't think it would happen to me. ”

Earlier, a video went viral on social media. Punjab police were seen singing birthday songs together. An old man told the police about his daughter's 1 year birthday. But in this situation he can't go to get the cake. So the initiative was taken by the police to celebrate the child's birthday.
As seen in the video, the police bike came and stood in front of the child's house through the line. Then they all sang together ‘Happy Birthday to You’. Happy birthday. A senior police official handed the cake to the child's mother. Then the rows of bikes go the same way again. Receiving such a fancy greeting message, a smile appeared on the face of the family.
Recently, a policeman from Hyderabad started his own business 20,000 Treat a person from Himachal Pradesh with money. He was stuck in Hyderabad on lockdown.