Police officer on duty even in heavy rain, flood of praise for the video going viral


viral video: Whether it is the police or the traffic police, the net world has repeatedly seen their inhuman faces due to the viral video. But a video of a police officer working in heavy rain recently caught the attention of netizens. That video is viral on Netdunia.

The viral video is only a few seconds long. It is raining so much in the video that it is blurry all around, the vision is not moving even a few meters. A policeman is standing in it wearing a white raincoat and handling the traffic. In addition to getting wet, there is a possibility of an accident in this rain. But at the risk of his own life, the policeman is committed to saving the lives of citizens. The video has gone viral on social media. The praise of this policeman has overflowed in Netpara.

Earlier, G Babji, a constable of Hyderabad Traffic Police, was able to clear the 2 km road from Abid Road to Koti and take the ACT ambulance to the hospital on time. Babji was on duty at Bank Street End on Monday evening when he saw an ambulance in a traffic jam looking for a way to take a patient to the hospital.

“I was standing at the turn to control the traffic when I saw the ambulance,” he said. I ran towards it and saw a patient inside. Those in the ambulance looked at me with high hopes. “

Immediately he started running in front of the ambulance and started removing all the vehicles. He finally ran about two kilometers to get the patient to the hospital.