Police officer's obscene treatment of women in the market, a storm of condemnation in the viral video


viral video: Sometimes videos of police personnel go viral on social media. Just as various videos of the police go viral for their duty and heroism, so also various police personnel go viral for doing bad deeds including taking bribes. This time, a video of a police officer in a drunken state and obscene treatment of women in the market has gone viral in Netpara.

As seen in the viral video, the policeman is so drunk that he can't even handle his own bike. After that, the drunken policeman started walking down the street, this time he started doing obscene things. He started molesting a woman who was going in a rickshaw in the market. Even fellow citizens began to be insulted from behind. Tumul viral video posted on social media.

Earlier in another viral video, the video showed a woman in a green dress sitting on a scooter, her partner standing next to her. A female traffic policeman is standing next to her. The second woman went to the traffic police and talked to him very quickly.

The woman then took the note out of her pocket and carefully inserted it into the pocket of the traffic police. After that, the police allowed the women to leave. Two women wearing masks, a traffic policeman was also seen wearing a cloth around her face and nose. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The identity of the female traffic police officer was also not known.