Police personnel overweight, over 50 and over 60 kg will have to undergo fitness test


Bangla Hunt Desk: The Uttar Pradesh government has taken an initiative to shed the fat of the police personnel. The government is making a list to make the police personnel of Farukabad in Uttar Pradesh fit and fine. A list of police personnel who have crossed the age of 50 and whose body weight is more than 60 kg is being prepared.

Soldiers in the army and paramilitary forces have various physical restrictions. They have to do various exercises to control the physical ozone. From now on, emphasis is being laid on fitness to keep the police personnel in control of physical ozone.

According to the government, when police personnel are first hired, their other tests, as well as physical ozone, are given importance. While staying well in the first episode, most police officers become accustomed to a comfortable lifestyle after getting a job. As a result, their bodies become very fat. Reluctance to work comes.

As it turns out, many police officers are slowly falling prey to diseases like high comfort blood pressure, heart and diabetes. They are losing importance in their work by paying more attention to their body.

The Uttar Pradesh government has come up with an innovative initiative for all those police personnel. From now on, a list of police personnel over 50 years of age and over 70 kg of ozone will be prepared. The government is giving these police personnel a chance to control their ozone by exercising and sweating. He will be able to return to his duties with a certificate of fitness by losing weight through yoga, practice and running on the field within the stipulated time.