Police recover PIA balloons on Jammu and Kashmir border

BanglaHunt Desk: The Hiranagar sector of Jammu and Kashmir was in turmoil. A large plane-sized balloon with PIA inscription was found near Sotra Chowk, a border village in Hiranagar sector. An investigation is underway into how the balloon got there.

The Indian Army is always active on the Indo-Pak border. Indian troops are stationed on steep hills in the border area to prevent the infiltration of Pakistani militants. But an investigation has been launched into how a balloon entered the Indian border. It remains to be seen whether the balloon hides any hint of an advance collision.

The first thing this balloon sees is the locals. When they informed the police, the police of Rajbagh police station reached there and took the balloon in their custody. This balloon is made in the shape of an airplane. The flag of Pakistan is also painted on the wing of the aircraft. The plane also has PIA written on it in English and Urdu, meaning Pakistan International Airlines.

PIA is usually written on the official aircraft of Pakistan. Currently, there is some tension in the border area. The police have taken the responsibility to investigate the whole matter.