Police rescued the young man from France trying to bring cigarettes from Spain to Spain

Banglahunt desk: What do people do when they are intoxicated? People can do everything to buy intoxicants. Cigarette ends in a lockdown by a French youth. So the young man was walking from France to Spain, stumbling down the hill to collect a lot of cigarettes for less money. That was the danger.

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The young man fell ill in the jungle of the hill. He was taken by helicopter and rescued by Mountain Police in France. He was admitted to the hospital. News agency AFP reports that the young man is now well. However, the French administration fined the young man £ 120 (120) for breaking the lockdown.

The young man was traveling from France to Spain after crossing the mountain of Pyrenees. The destination was La Jankara, New Catalonia. There is a cheap cigarette available. The young man, however, had trouble crossing the Pyrenees after crossing many paths. He lost his knowledge in front of the moat around the hill

Europe now has lockdowns in Europe to break the corona transmission chain. The situation in Spain is terrible. Spain has the highest number of attacks and deaths in Italy since then. And the young man started walking to Spain.

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