Police, viral video of a bear appearing to chase a monkey


BanglaHunt Desk: As people get civilized, as they grow, they are beginning to rise to expand their rule. Almost the entire world is now occupied by humans. There are very few inaccessible places where people have not yet been able to dominate themselves. Humans have also been deployed in the jungle to increase settlement. At the end, the plants are being filled, the reservoirs are being filled. People's homes are evolving.

And this has a detrimental effect on wildlife. They are now being forced into the settlements of the people because of their own occupation. As a result, the struggle is between the two. People are becoming overwhelmed by the oppression of wildlife. So they are figuring out different ways. In order to avoid as much damage as possible, the wildlife can be caught. One such video has been circulating on social media lately. There, a group of monkeys have been sent down to the arena to chase the monkey.

But these are not real bears. Rather like a bear. This incident happened at the ITBP Mirdathi camp in Uttarakhand. Indo-Tibetan border police officers have sought refuge in this way to escape the monkey persecution. Monkeys are threatened by two police officers wearing bear's clothing. If so, their origin is slightly reduced. Much work has been done in this way. After the bear's decoration, they fled towards the monkeys.

This video has become viral after being shared on social media. The netizens are laughing and watching looting. The netizens also praised their intelligence for the extraordinary way the police have come out.

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