Policeman goes to nurse to get vaccine, Kupokat just tickles touch: viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: At present many people have got corona vaccine. Various viral videos of vaccination have also spread in the net world. However, recently a video of the vaccine has gone viral on social media, which has made netizens laugh.

In different places, vaccination is still going on among the first line corona fighters of the society. Similarly, the video of a Nagaland policeman being vaccinated has recently gone viral on Netpara. IPS officer Rupin Sharma shared this funny video from his Twitter handle.

Check out that fun video first-

The video shows a policeman sitting on a corona vaccine. There are also several nurses around him. Those who are trying to vaccinate him, but can not succeed. As soon as a nurse used a cotton swab to clean the vaccination site, the policeman jumped up and laughed.

Every time he is touched, the policeman jumps up because of the tickling. And the nurse is not succeeding in vaccinating him at all as his body is shaking because he is smiling. Even another nurse trying to hold him is failing. As soon as the policeman’s hand is being touched, he is laughing.

The video of this funny scene went viral after being shared through social media. Seeing that, the netizens have a smile on their faces. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.