Policemen are playing a big role in serving the people, know the story of the IPS officer


Kumar Ashish, Superintendent of Police (SP) IPS, Kishangunj, Bihar, helps some workers in the Corona situation. The police administration is playing an important role in the Corona situation. Doing.

The police stood by the common people under the direction of the IPS officer

Police personnel led by IPS Kumar Ashish are helping needy people in Kishanganj district on the Bihar-Bangla border. Taking care of the elderly or helping the critically ill, the needy on the streets is helping patients in all respects by rushing them to the hospital. Again, the district police is working in all these cases as well as doing their duty. Mask as well as ration packets are being provided.

Police are distributing food as well as medicines

Thousands of packets have been distributed so far as shown on social media. Ordinary people have been helped in all ways. As per the rules, pulses, vegetables, soybeans, salt, oil etc. are being given to the poor people. In addition, two ambulances have been arranged for the patients. Ambulances were arranged to treat the patients and medicines were delivered to many sick people who went home.

He said in the interview that he wants to help the poor

In an interview, Kumar Ashish said that at this moment of crisis, Kishanganj police has set an example of humanity. I myself have seen poverty, struggle and lack of money from a young age so if I see a poor person I try to help him. We are fighting this corona war together and we are with the homeless people who roam around every day.