Poll opened in Pakistan! Human rights reports have surfaced about the persecution of minorities

Bengali Hunt Desk: The government of Pakistan's Imran Khan with minorities was unmasked. According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), religious minorities are unable to practice their religion and exercise their freedom under the country's laws. Minorities such as Hindus and Christians in the country have faced massive forced conversions and persecution in 2019.

HRCP submits its own 2019 report. The report said Hindu and Christian communities in Sindh and Punjab have been accused of proselytizing and minors under the age of 14 have been forcibly converted and forced to marry in Punjab.

The report said that two Hindu families on the outskirts of Sindh claimed that their daughter had been abducted for marriage and forcibly converted. However, the Islamabad court ruled that they were not minors at the time of the marriage. The court even ordered them to move into their own husband's house.

According to the report, in January, Pakistan's High Court set up a commission to implement the 2014 decision to protect the rights of minorities and maintain a culture of religious and social tolerance. The 22-member parliamentary committee, which was set up to protect minorities from forcible conversion, was tasked with drafting laws against the conversion.