Pooja in hot avatar with baby bump, viral hair in open hair black underwear


BanglaHunt Desk: New guests are coming to the family very soon. A few days ago, actress Puja Banerjee gave good news. This time he did a photoshoot with baby bump. The photo came out in public.

This picture of Puja has been shared from a page called Tolly Planet Bangla on Instagram. She posed with baby bumps in black pants and underwear. More than eight thousand likes have fallen on this film.

Pooja is often doing new photoshoots during her pregnancy. Sometimes she poses with her husband Kunal and sometimes in front of the camera. The actress has had a baby shower recently. Puja was seen in a yellow dress in the photoshoot that day. He was seen taking pictures with the baby bump. Accompanied by her husband Kunal Barma. He kissed his wife's baby bump and caressed the upcoming child. That picture has gone viral since it was posted on social media.

Pujara had a baby shower a few days ago. He shared a bunch of pictures decorated with cakes, balloons, gifts. Following the theme, everyone dressed in yellow.

A few days ago, this Bengali actress gave the good news of becoming a mother. She shared a few pictures with her husband Kunal and wrote, “Thank you so much for taking care of me at this time.” Puja's baby bump is also understood in the picture. As soon as the good news came out, netizens filled Pooja and Kunal with good wishes.

Pooja Badhanerji and her long time boyfriend Kunal Barma got married on April 14. But due to Corona Lockdown, it was no longer possible. But they got married legally as they registered it a month ago. At the same time, they also announced to donate all the money for the wedding ceremony.