Portugal and Italy sent a special message to Ronaldo after reading the mask made by the two countries' flags.


Right now, the Corona panic has spread all over the world. Corona is closed to all sports in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo, the current football youth, is spending his days in house arrest for the horror of Corona. Right now, he is spending his days in house arrest in his home in Portugal. However, he has come forward in the misery of the country, on the one hand, as he financially supported the government of the country, Cristiano Ronaldo has given the message of unity to the people in this difficult situation.

Portuguese football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo posted a picture on social media site Twitter on Saturday. The picture shows Ronaldo wearing a mask on his homeland Portugal's flag, on the other, an Italian flag mask. World Cup superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has joined Italian club Juventus after leaving Spain's Real Madrid this season. So naturally his own homeland, along with Portugal, is on his mind right now in Italy, the country most affected by the Corona virus.

Cristiano Ronaldo wrote two pictures this day, writing that we should all unite in this difficult time, but we will win the war against this difficult virus. As Ronaldo's worries about Portugal become his homeland in this difficult situation, he also has a lot of thoughts about the country where he plays football for Italy in the death-defying Italy of Europe.

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