Portugal football team, including Ronaldo, financed the Coronation-winning Amateurs football clubs.


Corona eruptions are happening all over the world right now. All sports are closed to the victory of Corona. According to FIFA directives, all kinds of football competitions around the world are currently closed. In this situation, Amateurs football clubs in Portugal are at a great disadvantage. And the entire Portugal football team, along with Cristiano Ronaldo, superstar of Portugal, came forward to save the club from loss.

The Portugal Football Federation has given a bonus to every footballer of Portugal to qualify for the Euro Cup in 2020. The entire Portugal team, including Ronaldo, will donate half of that bonus as a helping hand to Amateurs clubs.

Amateurs Club Football League has been canceled this year by the Portugal Football Federation in the wake of the Corona virus around the world. That is why amateurs football clubs have to face huge financial losses. A fund has been created on behalf of the Portugal Football Federation to help the Amateur Football Clubs avoid the financial loss. If all the footballers in Portugal contribute financially to that fund, it seems likely to raise $ 5 million.

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