Pour water on the temple or do not disappear! Viral video of the superstitions of thousands of women


BanglaHunt Desk: The whole country is overwhelmed by the suppression of Corona (covid-19). Beyond the first step, the second step has become even more terrifying. The situation has led to a crisis in hospital beds, an oxygen crisis and, above all, a vaccine crisis.

In this crisis situation of the country, thousands of women came together in procession to the Baliyadev temple in Gujarat. They claim that if you worship in the temple, you will become a coronary body. Women as well as men have joined the procession. None of them have a mask on their face, no sign of social distance. Together they are joining the procession at the Baliyadev temple in Gujarat.

A viral video of thousands of women from Sananda Taluk village in Nabpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat marching to the local Baliyadev temple on May 3 has been seen on social media. Women and several men are walking towards the temple with a jug full of water. They demanded that water should be poured on reaching the top of the temple.

Although he did not know about this at first, a large police force reached there as soon as he found out. It is learned that the incident was organized by Gafabhai Tagore, the head of the village panchayat. Later, police arrested 23 people, including village panchayat chief Gafabhai Tagore. In this case, the administration fears that the corona infection may escalate further. Video sharing of this strange and horrific event went viral on social media. At the same time, there was a storm of criticism in Netdunia.