PPE for only 5 bucks and ITBP for shelving by making indigenous mask at 5 bucks.


Bangla Hunt Desk: Coronary crisis is increasing in the country. And to prevent this crisis, the government is buying Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suites at various levels. And for this, orders have been given to various companies abroad. And in the meantime, indigenous companies have also taken on the responsibility of making large quantities of masks and PPE suits. And in this order, the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) have succeeded in creating low-cost PPE suits and masks.

Construction of this PPE suit and mask is underway at the SS Battalion Center of ITBP in Saboli, New Delhi. The cost of this suit and mask is much lower. This suite made by ITBP costs Rs 5. And the three-layer mask costs only five bucks. ITBP showcased these two products in Delhi's AIIMS (AIMS).

The ITBP says it will help doctors and other health workers at Quarantine Center and hospitals provide low-cost protection to doctors and other health workers. According to ITBP, the cost of this product is low, but very good in safety.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday issued a directive to the central government that doctors and medical staff be protected against doctors and health workers in the fight against the Kovid-1 epidemic, and that private security equipment should be ensured for doctors and health workers who are treating very sick patients.

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