Pranking with women had to be heavy, see how the man was thrashed


Prank Video: महिलाओं के साथ प्रैंक करना पड़ गया भारी, देखिए कैसे हुई शख्स की कुटाई

when the prankster got beaten upImage Credit source: Twitter/@HasnaZarooriHai

Prank Video: Prank is such a content, which social media users like to watch with great interest. This is the reason that whenever a prank video is shared on the Internet, it also becomes viral immediately. Although pranks are done to tickle people, but sometimes the pranksters get beaten up for their antics. For now, something like Video It has come to the fore, in which a man is seen getting beaten up by a woman during a prank.

In the video going viral, you can see a man carrying several carton boxes one above the other. The very next moment this guy tries to prank people on the road. It can be seen in the video that when two women pass through the road, the man acts to drop the box on them. But it seems that women didn’t like it much. That’s why she starts beating the man with anger. The woman in the black dress gets so excited that she runs after the prankster.

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Watch the video here, when the prankster got beaten up

This prank video shared on Twitter with the handle @HasnaZarooriHai is becoming increasingly viral. The user has given the caption, The man had no idea what was going to happen to him. The video has been viewed more than 25 thousand times so far, while people in the comment section are enjoying the prankster a lot.

A user has written while commenting, and Karle Bhai pranks with women. At the same time, another user says, ‘Do karate with cardboard.’ However, some people say that this is also a part of the prank. Because, the way the woman followed him, it became too much.

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