Pregnant women in the air without male intercourse! Ekartti gave birth to a daughter in 15 minutes

BanglaHunt Desk: A gust of wind enters the vagina, then the woman becomes pregnant. Not only that, within 1 hour the labor pains arose and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. An Indonesian girl has made such a strange claim. Hearing this, excitement has spread in the whole area.

Siti Zaina, a resident of Indonesia, is 25 years old. He also has a daughter. They got divorced 4 months ago as they were not in a relationship with their husbands. From then on they began to live apart. But now it is rumored that she is pregnant in the air and crowds have gathered at her house to see her newborn baby.

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In the context of such a strange incident, Siti Jaina said, ‘On the day of the incident last week, I slept at home after the afternoon prayers. Just then a sudden wind blew around my whole house. In the meantime, I felt an air enter my vagina. Within 15 minutes, I started having unbearable pain in my abdomen and when I was taken to the local health center, my daughter was born.

Everyone was very surprised to hear about this strange event. Upon learning of the incident, the local administration chief also visited Jaina’s house. “We have come to investigate the news that Zainab is strangely pregnant,” she said. We are looking into such news so that no rumors are spread ‘.

Despite the strange claim of Jaina getting pregnant in the air without the company of a man, doctors said that this type of case is called ‘cryptic pregnancy’. In this case, the woman herself may not know that she is pregnant. She may know after the labor pains. However, Jaina and her daughter are now completely healthy and the baby weighed 2.9 kg.